Get overdue invoices paid faster and reduce credit collection costs

Put yourself in control of the largest community of legal services providers and collect your cash faster, more efficiently and with less overhead. Reduce costs and write-offs.

Virteo is an exchange and management platform allowing you to recover unpaid invoices by a large and growing community of connected Court Bailiffs and Lawyers


Centralized process control

Configure every step in the dunning process according to your policy, from first reminder to legal enforcement and all steps in between.

Manage & control internal & external services

Choose which steps are handled internally and which are handled by our community of lawyers and judicial officers.

Choose who provides the service

Choose how case files are allocated: according to your vendor policy, according to debtor location or according to KPI's

Reports & dashboards

All actions are performed directly in the platform, your files are complete and up-to-date at all times, allowing for clear reports and dashboards.

No file exchanges anymore

All service providers -lawyer, judicial officer, any other party you whish to engage- work on the same data on the platform.


Increase transparency

All documents, all costs, every action is in the platform and can be viewed and evaluated. Hidden costs or hidden delays are impossible, the service provider performance can easily be measured.

Never before, the process of getting paid has been so transparent and end-to-end integrated 

Different legal services providers



Succes rate


Territory covered



Efficiency gain

Corporations, SME’s and public institutions seamlessly integrate collection and recovery  in their Order-To-Cash process.

You define who provides the service, who handles which cases, what process steps are internal or external and what your KPI’s are.

Corporations and Public Institutions

Streamline your order-to-cash process while lowering the cost.  Seamlessly integrate the dunning, collection and litigation process into your internal or outsourced process. Benefit of local legal professional services with personalized services, debtor knowledge and a sound balance between customer-preserving amical reminders processes and end-to-end legal collection.

Court Baliffs and Lawyers

Use Virteo’s SaaS solution to cover the total debt collection and legal enforcement process for unpaid claims and for the enforcement process of court decisions. Multiple court bailiff and lawyersoffices collaborate on customers in dynamic association models. Virteo enables legal service professionals to provide integrated high volume services to large and medium sized end-customers. Optimized processes increase cycle speed and provide instant visibility while lowering costs.

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