What we do

VIRTEO’s mission is to facilitate the final stage in the order-to-cash process: the handling of overdue or unpaid invoices. We provide organizations with a single management console and exchange platform allowing them to work directly with all kinds of legal and financial service providers and to improve the efficiency and the quality of that collaboration.

We enable legal professionals such as lawyers and court bailiffs to provide scalable solutions to their customers and to really compete for business deals that they could not win otherwise, despite the quality and proximity they can provide.

We provide corporations with a valid, efficient and transparent solution that will ensure data privacy compliancy, allow SLA monitoring and benchmarking, and prevent abuse.

How we do it

We are an innovation driven company. We use technological and process innovation to improve the invoice to cash cycle of private and public companies.

Via our open exchange and management platform, corporations can outsource the entire or part of the amical and legal collection process of unpaid invoices to a large and growing community of service providers. This is achieved without the need of building or maintaining individual interfaces with each of these providers. Everyone works on the same data in each step of the process. No data is isolated in local systems, and the process is end-to-end integrated.

This means that via a single management console, corporations can integrate the end-to-end process and benefit of the services of many service providers, lawyers and court bailiffs without the hassle of IT integration projects.

Doing so creditors reduce costs, improve control and obtain better results.

Our team

Technology and business model innovation is at the heart of everything we do. At VIRTEO you will deal with people that care about your goals, your milestones, your worries. We are not stuck in years old thinking patterns and we are not bound by legacy technology. We are a strong team of individuals, and each of us engages his or her great skillset to create value for our customers and users.

We are committed to continuously question and improve ourselves.

We strongly believe in the relation between customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. Happy staff results in happy customers. Therefore, we do everything we can to be the best employer and a socially responsible company.