About Us

 We provide and operate cloud platforms that bring together stakeholders such as creditors, lawyers, court bailiffs, and banks. We focus on processes that are on the crossroad of legal, financial and banking, like debt collection, legal enforcement, automatic inbound and outbound payments processing and more..

We provide public and private corporations with efficient and transparent solutions that will ensure data privacy compliancy, allow SLA monitoring and benchmarking.

By providing end-to-end insight we help our customers to fulfill their engagements in social responsibility.

The Team

Our team consists of professionals with diverse skills and expertise: domain experts, analysts, architects, developers, QA engineers, team leads. By working in close collaboration, everyone has the chance to get a view on the full development cycle. We can be creative in domains that are not our familiar field of expertise and we constantly learn from each other.


Our core values are authenticity, respect and freedom. We believe in engagement and personal well-being. Virteo embraces the new way of working, where traditional hierarchy, fixed working hours or workplaces make way for an informal flat structure with flexibility in time and place of work.

How we work

Our team is a self-steering team. Every team-member can directly influence our way of working. Decisions about technology, architecture or methodology are not made by a manager, a team lead or an architect, but are driven by the team. Our way of working is the result of the team gradually refining its approach, continuously adapting to evolving business strategies and upcoming technologies. Our continuous improvement process is integrated in our agile way of working.


While leveraging the power of working within the Microsoft ecosystem, we remain critical and always choose the “right tool for the job”. Realizing the need to keep pace with rapid evolution we constantly evaluate our technology choices. We do this for libraries, frameworks, methodologies that make up product solutions and for the tools that support our daily work.

To leverage the experience and knowledge of the full development team, it is important to us that everyone can have a say in this.

To give an idea of the technologies we are working with on a day to day basis, here is our technology stack.